Giovanni Reali

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Giovanni Reali

Italian composer
NationalityRepublic of Venice
Occupationcomposer, violinist

Giovanni Reali (1681–1751) was an Italian composer, violinist and maestro di cappella of Venice.


Giovanni Reali was born in Padua in 1681, the eldest of ten children of Lorenzo Reali and Elisabetta Cappello. His father, a wealthy cloth merchant, was killed in a robbery at the age of 41 in 1697. He was educated by his mother while also studying music with his older brother Giovanni and his two sisters. After his brother died in 1702, he and his younger brother Francesco returned to Padua, where he entered the conservatory of the Ospedale dei Mendicanti.In 1716, Reali was appointed second organist at the Ospedale dei Filareti in Venice. At the Filareti, he was soon appointed deputy to the principal organist Pietro Bembo. In 1718, Reali became principal organist at the Ospedale delle Carità in Venice. He later became principal organist and professor of music at the Ospedale dei Mendicanti (1726–1747). In 1739, Reali was appointed principal organist at the Ospedale dei Filopolitani in Padua, and in 1741 and 1742 was appointed principal organist at the Ospedale dei Trevisan. In 1743, Reali was appointed principal organist at the Ospedale di Siena. He then taught at San Giovanni Grisostomo College in Florence, where he collaborated with Giovanni Antonio Saraceni.In 1748, he was appointed principal organist at the Ospedale dei Bussola in Venice. He resigned his post at the Filareti in 1751.


In addition to his many published works, including motets, he wrote a total of 26 operas. These include works in Italian as well as several operas written in other regions of Europe.


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