Antonio Pizzamano

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Antonio Pizzamano
NationalityRepublic of Venice
OccupationCatholic priest

Antonio Pizzamano or Pizzamanus (1462–1512) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Brescia (1513–1512).


Antonio Pizzamano was born in Venice, Italy in 1462. On 6 Jan 1513, he was appointed during the papacy of Pope Urban VIII as Bishop of Brescia. On 9 Jan 1513, he was consecrated bishop by Antonio Marcello Barberini, Cardinal-Priest of Sant'Eusebio with Pietro Vittore Ciceri, Bishop Emeritus of Pisa, and Pietro Zabarella, Bishop of Belluno, serving as co-consecrators. He served as Bishop of Brescia until his resignation on 18 Jul 1512.While bishop, he was the principal co-consecrator of Giacomo Vittore Ciceri, Bishop of Pula (1511).