Pompeo Caimo

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Pompeo Caimo

Italian physician
Pompeo Caimo. Line engraving. Wellcome V0000952.jpg
NationalityRepublic of Venice

Pompeo Caimo (1568 – 1631) was an Italian physician.


Born in Venice, he was educated by the Jesuits and became a doctor of canon law at the University of Padua. He was elected to the Venetian Senate on 14 July 1582. He held various public positions including the governator di cappella of San Secondo, Vicenza. He was made professor of pediatrics at the University of Bologna from 1587 to 1592, and he was made professor of medicine at the University of Padua in 1594. He was made a member of the Great Council of the Venetian Republic from 14 December 1597 to 1599, and then as senator in December 1599. He died in Padua on 16 November 1631.